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Ribes e Ambra


Ribes e Ambra is a sweet and warm effusion that inebriates the senses, cherishes the soul and envelopes the heart with its amber and sugary notes. A charming fragrance enlivened by the wild black currant that, when mixed with light blooming and sweet jasmine and violet notes, remembers undergrowth atmospheres.

Top notes
A sweet combination of juicy fruits opens the fragrance, where grape and raspberry match with caramel and jam, creating an enchanting pleasure.
A light orange and lemon touch liven up the first smell of the whole fragrance.

Middle notes
Amber bursts after a while, it blends with honey and tobacco hues and creates a romantic match. Delicious notes are enriched with a touch of black currant and black berry, which are mixed with slightly blooming notes of jasmine and violet, and recall undergrowth.

Final notes
The fragrance ends with a pleasant mixture of Amber and Vanilla on a sweet and talcum background.

Ribes e Ambra